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  1. Mandy & Bill says:

    十分感恩找到Raymond作我們的證婚律師. 他溫文有禮, 準時, 專業,細心, 我知我沒有找錯人, 他是十分出色.
    當日Raymond 比原定早到, 但我們正式能開始的時間遲了半小時, Raymond 沒有不耐煩也沒有不悅的態度, 開始前還細心簡報一次, 當中還提到掀頭紗時要注意的地方, 真的很細心. 當我開始宣讀誓言時那段誓詞實在太感動, 我哭起來, 說不出話, Raymond叫在場親友鼓掌支持我, 我才可以帶得著感恩的眼淚完成宣讀. 真的十分謝謝你. Raymond 並不是喜愛搞笑那一款; 他說話很得體,簡潔也能帶動一種很裝重又充滿溫馨的氣氛, 這正正配合我的需要. 他的笑容是十分真誠的, 外表也很得體 :>
    謝謝你!! 最後想讚多一樣, 我完了婚禮後他還有給我短訊祝福我, 很窩心呢!!

  2. Aya & Felix says:

    Thank you to Raymond’s professionalism. We had a warm and dignified wedding ceremony in 2011. Our ceremony went through in three languages (English, Cantonese & Japanese). Raymond was very helpful and flexible. The day just went in a way exactly how we wished.
    Our families and friends were impressed.

    We always recommend Raymond to our friends who are go to have their ceremony in Hong Kong.

    Thank you Raymond! ありがとうございました!

  3. Karen & Eric says:

    Raymond is one of the best Civil Celebrants I have ever seen. He is eloquent and very presentable. And at the same time, brought some humor to the group. I would say he makes the atmosphere just right! Not boring and not too funny :)

    Most importantly is he gave me lots of support. Before the wedding day, he made sure I wouldn’t be too nervous by briefing me the procedure again and calming me down :)

    Raymond – i hope to see you again and again in my friends’ weddings!!!

  4. Cherry&Leo says:

    婚禮後記(四) – 晚宴証婚律師 (推~)

  5. Guest says:

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