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  1. Winnie & Leo says:

    歐陽律師在整個婚禮的過程中都保持著笑容,令新人能夠緩和緊張的心情。在婚禮綵排時仍會細心、耐心的作出提示和指正,實在非常敬業樂業!另外,家人事後亦稱讚歐陽律師的表現出色呢! Just want to let you know our appreciation for your great work. We loved your personal speech to us, it wouldn’t be the same without you!

  2. Gigi Tsang says:

    Raymond is the best Marriage Civil Celebrant in Hong Kong I Believed as he is the only celebrant will call back by himself and not the secretary. Since I got married on Xmas day and Raymond still willing to cope with my tight schedule. ^^ During the ceremony, Raymond is the best and well controlled the situation even we got an unforgettable funny accidents. ^^ Honestly, this is the only part i rate 100% like during my wedding day.

    Thanks Raymond and I will you have a fruitful business forever and ever. Thank You SO much ^^ Love, Gigi & Wai lun
    P.S. sorry… for being so long…. as i m so busy as you know ^^ haahaa

  3. Moe & Suguru says:

    謝謝Raymond 為我們主持婚禮! 由一開始準備証婚的過程都非常順利。他很細心,準備充足,對流程的解釋非常流暢。由於老公是日本人,Raymond 便主動在儀式上中文英文並用,使賓客更易投入。Raymond的聲線溫柔,好有感染力,他能夠明白新人的緊張,會主動叫大家拍手鼓勵我們。而他的笑容也是令人一見歡心的。他不會故意做一些攪笑,只會以一種歡樂,平靜、和藹的聲音引導整個氣氛。我認為這是最適合婚禮的一種主持方式。他會準時提前15-30分鐘到場,又會和新人做briefing,使我們得以平靜緊張的心情。最後Raymond也會主動指導我們的父母合照流程。我認為他是我見過最好的証婚律師。謝謝你Raymond!

  4. Derek & sum sum says:

    Hi Raymond:
    Derek & sum sum

  5. Debbie & Michael says:

    Belated Thanks to Raymond:
    We are marriaged at 10th Oct 2013,
    Raymond have a very soft voice, and is patient person.
    He showed considerate,caring and professional on the wedding ceremony even though he had a busy schedule.
    We are deeply appreciated his helps on the ceremony which enrich our wedding.
    With Love & Thanks ^_^

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