My Services

  • Civil Celebrant 婚姻監禮
  • Conveyancing 樓宇買賣
  • Commercial contracts 商業合約
  • Criminal litigation 刑事訴訟
  • Civil litigation 民事訴訟
  • Deed Poll 改名契
  • Matrimonial causes 婚姻訴訟
  • Tenancy 租務
  • Probate 遺產承辦
  • Winding up 公司清盤
  • Bankruptcy & IVA 破產及債務重組

Wedding Ceremonies

Your marriage is a blessing to you all and your family, a sacred union of a man and woman for life, through which you will be one to share, protect, dedicate and make your life fulfilled with love.

It’s my great pleasure not only to share your joy, but to witness the marriage and to celebrate your love.

You will be one together in love and forever and you will say:

“I will”.

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